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George Washington Timeline

George Washington Timeline 1732 - 1799
The important dates and history of George Washington
The first American president
The American War of Independence and Signing the Declaration of Independence
His career and achievements
His death at Mount Vernon

Why was George Washington famous?
George Washington was famous as the first President of the United States of America and his role in the American War of Independence for more details of this great event click
American Revolution Timeline. The next US President was John Adams.

George Washington Timeline

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Short Biography of George Washington
Date of Birth: Born on February 22, 1732
Place of Birth : Westmoreland County, Virginia
Wife: Martha Dandridge
Background Facts, Information & Ancestry : Through several lines of ancestry, Washington can trace descent from English royalty.



February 22: Born in Popes Creek Plantation, Westmoreland County, Virginia. His father was Augustine "Gus" Washington (1693–1743) and his mother was Mary Ball Washington (1708–1789)



Appointed official surveyor for Culpeper County, Virginia



French and Indian War: Washington given rank of major and he was sent to assess the strength of the French at Ohio Country Valley



Washington received a commission as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Virginia Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Washington successfully attacked the French camp near present Jumonville
Lieutenant Colonel Washington built Fort Necessity but was forced to surrender it to overwhelming French and Indian forces



July 9 Battle of the Monongahela: Serving under General Edward Braddock the troops were ambushed and defeated by the French and Indians
October: Governor Dinwiddie appoints Washington as commander in chief of all Virginia forces with the new rank of colonel



Forbes Expedition: Successfully droving the French away from Fort Duquesne
Failed to secure a commission as a British officer and turned to working as a planter and politician



January 6: Married Wealthy widow Mrs. Martha Dandridge Custis. The marriage was childless but the couple raised her two children, John Parke Custis and Martha Parke Custis, from her previous marriage



May: George Mason writes resolutions presented by George Washington to the Virginia House of Burgesses opposing taxation without representation



Elected delegate to the First Continental Congress



By this year Washington owned 6,500 acres at Mount Vernon, with over 100 slaves
April 19 Shots fired at Lexington and Concord where weapons depot destroyed - refer to
Revolutionary Battles
June 15: Appointed general and commander-in-chief of the new Continental Army



July 4: Signed the Declaration of Independence
September 16: Battle of Harlem Heights where Washington's army repulses British attack
October 28: Battle of White Plains force General Washington to retreat to the west pursued by Cornwallis
December 26: Washington crosses the Delaware River and captures a Hessian force (German mercenaries) at the Battle of Trenton, New Jersey



September 11: General Washington defeated at the Battle of Brandywine



June 27/28: The Battle of Monmouth occurs in New Jersey as Washington's troops and General. Clinton's troops fight to a standoff
July 8: General Washington sets up headquarters at West Point
July 10: France declares war against Britain



August 14: A peace plan is approved by Congress stipulating independence and British evacuation of America



October 19: The British army surrenders at Yorktown - a devastating effect on the British



February 4: England officially declares an end to hostilities in America
September 3: The Treaty of Paris is signed by the United States and Great Britain
November 2: George Washington delivers farewell address to the army
December 23: Washington resigns his commission as commander-in-chief to the Congress of the Confederation.



January 14: The Treaty of Paris is ratified by Congress and the American Revolutionary War officially ends.



May 25: Elected President of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia



Unanimously Elected first President of the United States
April 30:Washington took the oath of office as the first President of the United States in New York City. He was addressed as "Mr. President"
June 1: President Washington signed the first act of Congress concerning the administration of oaths
Congress established the Department of Foreign Affairs (now the Department of State)



The first national census took place



Congress imposed an excise tax on distilled spirits which led to the Whiskey rebellion
December 15: The Bill of Rights became law. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution of the United States guarantee basic liberties to Americans



Congress established a national mint.



Re-elected President of the United States
April 22: Washington issued the Neutrality Proclamation to keep the United States out of the war between France and Great Britain



The Whisky Rebellion
August 7: Washington invoked the Militia Law of 1792 to suppress the Pennsylvania farmers who refused to pay the federal whisky tax.
November 19: The Jay Treaty to maintain trade with Great Britain



Published his Farewell Address which was issued as a public letter



March: Washington returned to Mount Vernon



July 4: Commissioned Lieutenant General and Commander in Chief of the new United States Army to serve as a warning to France, with which war seemed imminent.



December 14: Died at Mount Vernon at the age of 67. He arranged for his slaves to be freed in his last will and testament

George Washington Timeline

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