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William the Conqueror Timeline

The man who came from Normandy and conquered England.
Famous for the Battle of Hastings against King Harold
His invasion of England commemorated in the Bayeaux tapestry
The rebellions in England and Hereward the Wake
Dates of major events, his birth, marriage and death

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William the Conqueror Timeline

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William the Conqueror was born the bastard son of Robert I the Duke of Normandy



William the Bastard became Duke of Normandy at the age of seven years old



William insists that King Edward the Confessor had promised that William should succeed him as king of England.



William marries Matilda of Flanders. William and Matilda had six daughters and four sons



The Events culminating in the Battle of Hastings
January 4: The Death of Edward the Confessor
January 6 : Harold Earl of Wessex crowned King of England
April Halley's Comet appears
Norman successful mission to Rome to seek Papal support for the Norman Invasion
September 27: Duke William sets sail for England - The Norman Invasion begins
September 28: Duke William lands at Pevensey, on the South coast of England. The Norman Invasion
September 29: Duke William occupies Hastings, on the South coast of England
October 1: Harold, celebrating his victory over the Vikings at York, receives news of the Norman invasion. Harold marches his army back from the North of England to the South of England to defend against the Norman Invasion!
October 6: King Harold arrives in London
October: The English Army prepare their defences at Senlac
October 13: Negotiations between the Normans and Saxons - William demands that King Harold either resigns his royalty in favor of William, refers it to the arbitration of the Pope or let it be determined by the issue of a single combat. King Harold declines
October 14: The Normans and the Saxons fight the Battle of Hastings. The wounded King Harold was killed and his body mutilated by the Normans. William had won the Battle of Hastings - he was the Conqueror
December 25: William is crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey in London
Commemorated in the Bayeux tapestry that told the story of the Norman Conquest.



Normans quash rebellion led by King Harold's mother Gytha



King William exacts a terrible punishment on the rebels in the North of England referred to as 'The Harrying of the North'
Matilda is crowned Queen of England



King William quashes a rebellion led by the English hero Hereward the Wake



The Building of Norman castles in England and Wales including the Tower of London



Compilation of the Doomsday book



9th September: King William I dies at Saint-Gervais near Rouen, France

William the Conqueror Timeline

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