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William Shakespeare Timeline

The life and times of the Stratford Bard
His marriage to Anne Hathaway and his children
His move from Stratford to London and his life as an actor
His involvement with the Elizabethan theatre
The opening of the Globe Theatre
The death of William Shakespeare

Why was William Shakespeare famous?
William Shakespeare was famous as the English Bard who wrote Sonnets and 37 plays including Hamlet, Macbeth, A Midsomer Nights Dream and Othello many of which were staged at the Globe Theatre in London.

William Shakespeare Timeline

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Short Biography of William Shakespeare
Date of Birth: Born on 23 April 1564
Place of Birth : Stratford upon Avon
Parents: Father: John Shakespeare, Merchant and Bailiff and Justice of the Peace
             Mother: Mary Arden
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William Shakepeare Biography



April 23: William Shakespeare was born. He spent his early years in Stratford upon Avon where attended Stratford Grammar School until he was 14 years old



November 28: 'William Shagspeare' as it was spelt on the marriage bond wed 'Anne Hathwey' - Anne Hathaway of Shottery, Stratford



May 26: The baptism of Susanna Shakespeare the first child of William and Anne born six months after their wedding



Twins, Hamnet and Judith were born

February 2, The baptism of Hamnet and Judith Shakespeare



Will leaves his home in Stratford upon Avon and starts to work in the emerging theatres

September 3: Death of Robert Greene author of Groatsworth of Wit in which he complains about Shakespeare as an "upstart crow"

December: Robert Greene's editor Henry Chettle made a public apology to Christopher Marlowe and Shakespeare for the Groatsworth of Wit



London Theatres close due to the Bubonic Plague (The Black Death)

Begins writing the Sonnets which were probably completed in 1597

April 18: Registration of his poem Venus and Adonis which was published by Richard Field (1561 - 1624)



Achieves prosperity and recognition as the leading London Playwright at the 'Theatre' which is owned by Burbage

March 15: First document mentioning Shakespeare connected with the theatre



The company of actors moved to the Swan Theatre on Bankside when London's authorities ban the public presentation of plays within the city limits of London

August 11: His son, Hamnet dies, possibly from the bubonic plague, at the age of eleven

October 20: John Shakespeare, father of Shakespeare is Granted a Coat of Arms



Shakespeare and other members of the company finance the building of the Globe Theatre



The Globe Theatre is built on Bankside



First production of Julius Caesar at the Globe theatre

October 8: Registration of his famous play 'A Midsummer's Nights Dream'



His acting troupe, the Chamberlain's Men, commissioned to stage Richard II at the Globe Theatre



March 24: Queen Elizabeth I dies and James the VI of Scotland becomes the new monarch in England as King James I

May 19, The King's Men acting troupe forms

February: Registration of Troilus and Cressida



First performance of Othello



Mentioned as one of "the mens' players" (The King's Men)

The King's Men buy the Blackfriars Theatre of which Shakespeare is part owner



June 29: Fire destroys the Globe Theatre during a performance of Henry VIII when cannon fire sets fire to the thatched roof



The second Globe Theatre was built



April 23: The death of William Shakespeare

April 25: Burial takes place in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church in Stratford



'The First Folio' of his plays is published



The Globe Theatre was demolished by the Puritans

William Shakespeare Timeline
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