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Marco Polo Timeline

The life of this famous explorer and his travels to China
His birth, family and education
His work for the Kublai Khan
His time in prison which led to writing of his biography detailing his travels and explorations
One of the most famous of the early explorers

Why was Marco Polo famous?
Marco Polo was famous for his travels to Cathay (China) and Persia and his work for the Kublai Khan. The life story and autobiography was called 'The Travels of Marco Polo' or 'Il Milione'.

Marco Polo Timeline

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Short Biography of Marco Polo
Date of Birth: Born on September 15, 1254
Place of Birth : Venice
Parents: Father - Niccolo Polo
Uncle: Maffeo



September 15: Marco Polo is born in Venice



His wealthy father and uncle, Nicolo and Maffeo Polo, set sail from Constantinople to the Crimea on a trading journey



Nicolo and Maffeo Polo receive an invitation to Cathay (China) to meet Kublai, the khan of all the Mongols



Kublai Khan sets up a new Chinese capital at Daidu  present day Beijing (Peking)



Nicolo and Maffeo Polo return to Venice



Marco Polo accompanies his father and uncle on a journey through the Holy Land, Persia and Tartary and  to the Empire of China



The travellers reach Cathay after a three year journey. Marco Polo arrives in the capital and his father and uncle renew their friendly acquaintance with the Kublai Khan and present him with papal letters. They were given important positions at his court. Marco Polo studied the Chinese language which he learnt to speak



Marco Polo is appointed as an envoy for the Kublai Khan and travels through China on his missions



Marco Polo travels through Asia working for the Kublai Khan and is eventually appointed as a governor of one of his cities



A marriage is arranged for the daughter of Kublai Khan, the Princess Cocachin, and the Polo's accompany the wedding party, consisting of a fleet of fourteen ships, to Persia.

Stops were made at Borneo, Sumatra, Ceylon and other places until the ships reach Persia



The Polo's stay in Persia to celebrate the wedding and then head towards the Black Sea to make their way back to Venice



The Death of Kublai Khan



Marco Polo arrives in Venice with the finest collection of jewels ever seen

Venice is at war with Genoa



Marco Polo was made a "gentlemen commander" of a Venetian galley

His ship joins in the battle of Kurzola and he is taken as a prisoner of war by the Genoese.

Whilst he is in prison he meets a writer called Rustichello of Pisa and dictated to him an account of his travels and experiences in China, Japan, and other Eastern countries



Marco Polo is released as a prisoner of war in Genoa: at about this time,



Marco marries a Venetian lady called Donata and together they have three daughters called Belela, Fantina and Moreta



A copy of his book reaches France and Switzerland and Marco Polo becomes internationally famous



January: Marco Polo dies in Venice, he was almost 70 years old

Marco Polo was buried in the Church of San Lorenzo

Marco Polo Timeline

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