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Frank Sinatra Timeline

The life and career of 'Ol' Blue Eyes'
His family and education in Hoboken, New Jersey
The triumphs of his singing career
His movie career and the loves of his life
His famous comebacks and his death in 1998

Why was Frank Sinatra famous?
Frank Sinatra was famous as the American Singer and Actor who was renown as the leader of the 'Rat Pack'.

Frank Sinatra Timeline

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Short Biography of Frank Sinatra
Date of Birth: Born on December 12, 1915
Place of Birth : Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
Parents: Father - Anthony Martin Sinatra
             Mother: Natalie Della Gavarante Sinatra (Dolly)
He was also known as Frankie, The Voice, Ol' Blue Eyes and The Chairman of the Board
Background Facts, Information & Ancestry : Frank Sinatra was of Italian and Sicilian descent



This timeline starts on on December 12, 1915 when Francis Albert Sinatra was born at 415 Monroe Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA. He was the son of his Sicilian father Anthony Martin Sinatra and Natalie Della Gavarante Sinatra, better known as 'Dolly'



Frank attended Demarest High School, Hoboken, NJ. When he left school he worked for the circulation manager of the Jersey Observer newspaper and enrolled in a Journalism class



Frank Sinatra met Nancy Barbato who he would later marry in 1939



He got a job as a cub sports reporter



His first break in singing was at the Hoboken Union Club. His mother persuaded a singing group called The Three Flashes to include Frank and they renamed themselves as the Hoboken Four. Success followed when they appeared on a show called the Major Bowes Amateur Hour which won them a six month contract to perform live on stage as well as radio. Frank Sinatra left the Hoboken Four and his mother arranged a singing job at the Rustic Cabin in New Jersey which enabled Sinatra to be heard across New York City on radio station WNEW



Frank Sinatra was arrested on a morals charge when an old girlfriend accused him of a breach of promise. The case was dismissed in court in January 1939



Frank Sinatra married Nancy Barbato. They had three children Nancy Sandra - born in 1940; Franklin Wayne Emmanuel (Frank Jr.) - born in 1944; and Christina (Tina) - born in 1948.
Made his first recording with the Frank Mane band singing Our Love and signed a contract a contract for one year.



Frank Sinatra joined Harry James’s band and recorded ten songs with Harry James for the Brunswick and Columbia labels.  Frank Sinatra was then approached by Tommy Dorsey to join his band, which he did. In July he topped the charts with "I'll Never Smile Again" for twelve weeks. He also acted in the film, Las Vegas Nights as a member of the band.



Frank Sinatra reached the top position of the male singer polls in magazines such as Billboard and Downbeat. Between 1940 and early 1943 he had 23 top ten singles on Billboard



Sinatra left the Dorsey band and recorded his first solo tracks. Fans, the  "bobby soxers", went crazy when he appeared at the Paramount theatre in New York



Sinatra signed with Columbia Records as a solo artist and made his debut at Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl



Frank Sinatra returned to Paramount started his film career with RKO making Step Lively and Higher and Higher. Louis B. Mayer bought his contract and Frank moved to MGM



Sinatra co-starred with Gene Kelly in the Anchors Aweigh. He also starred in a short film on tolerance and racial equality called The House I Live In, which won him a special Academy Award



Frank Sinatra was i the movies Till the Clouds Roll By and It Happened in Brooklyn. He also released his first album called The Voice of Frank Sinatra and hosted his own weekly radio show



April 13, 1947: Frank Sinatra received the Thomas Jefferson Award for Fighting Against Intolerance.



Bad publicity and rumours of womanising and a violent temper led to a decline in his career



Frank Sinatra starred in the movies On the Town and Take Me Out to the Ball Game both with Gene Kelly which gave him success again and improved his image



Frank returned to live concerts but his voice had suffered, resulting in him haemorrhaging his vocal cords on stage at the Copacabana on April 26, 1950. He recovered and went to star at the London Palladium accompanied by Ava Gardner. He and his wife Nancy were splitting due to the scandal with Ava and Frank Sinatra’s popularity went into a decline once again to bad publicity



Frank Sinatra made his debut at the Desert Inn and he married Eva Gardener



Frank Sinatra and Eva Gardener split up leaving Frank devastated. But his career  improves once again due to his role of Maggio in the movie From Here to Eternity for which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He also signed a contract with Capitol Records and had major hit records with "Young At Heart," "Learnin' The Blues" and "The Tender Trap". Capitol later released Songs For Swinging Lovers and NBC offered him a multimillion dollar, write-his-own-ticket TV contract.



1955: This year saw the release of In the Wee Small Hours.



Frank Sinatra starred in The Joker Is Wild, a biopic of nightclub singer Joe E. Lewis. His acting was acclaimed. He also starred in Pal Joey



Come Fly With Me was released and became a number one album



1960: Frank Sinatra began his own label called Reprise Records. The 'Rat Pack' was in the media and consisted of Frank Sinatra and his friends Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford appearing together on stage at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas and in several movies, including Robin and the Seven Hoods and the original Ocean's Eleven.

Frank was introduced to Senator John Kennedy by Peter Lawford who was JFK's brother-in-law. Frank's valuable contributions helped with JFK's presidential ambitions. Kennedy won the Presidential Election and his friendship with Sinatra went well until Chicago Mob leader Sam Giancana became involved. Giancana and John Kennedy both shared the charms of Judith Campbell Exner. JKF had agreed to spend time at Frank's Palm Springs compound which Sinatra had remodeled his house in honor of the presidential visit. At the last minute JFK announced that he was going to stay with with Bing Crosby instead.

1961 - 1966


Frank Sinatra released albums such as Ring-A-Ding-Ding, Sinatra-Basie and Sinatra at the Sands. He was romantically linked with Juliet Prowse and Lauren Bacall



Frank married Mia Farrow - Frank was 51, Mia was 21, the marriage was short lived and they separated after 16 months. He released the album Sinatra at the Sands



Frank had a chart-topping duet later that year with his daughter Nancy



Frank Sinatra announced his retirement



Frank was back in the studio on April 30, 1973 to record tracks for his Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back album



He returned to Las Vegas performing at Caesar’s Palace



Frank Sinatra married Barbara Marx on July 11, 1976.



Frank Sinatra was one of the five recipients at the Kennedy Center Honors



Frank Sinatra returned to Capitol Records



Frank Sinatra’s final public concerts. He was also awarded the Legend Award at the 1994 Grammy Award



Frank Sinatra Died May 14, 1998 (aged 82) at Los Angeles, California, USA

Frank Sinatra Timeline

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