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Ancient Greece Timeline

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Ancient Greece Timeline

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2900 BC


2900-2000 BC: The Bronze Age when Early Aegean cultures start to emerge

2500 BC


The great Minoan civilization

1200 BC


The Trojan War and the destruction of Troy (Ilium)

1050 BC


1050-750 BC: The Dark Ages of Greece and the fall of the Mycenean culture

850 BC


850 - 700 BC: Development of the first Greek Alphabet

776 BC


The First Olympic Games are staged

750 BC


750 -700 BC: Homer writes the Iliad and the Odyssey

730 BC


730-710 BC - the First Messenian War and the Spartans conquer southwest Peloponnesia

650 BC


The Rise of the Greek tyrants

621 BC


Draco's code of law is introduced

600 BC


Greek Coin currency introduced

500 BC


500-323 BC - The Greek Classical Period

505 BC


Cleisthenes introduces democracy in Athens

490 BC


Greek / Persian Wars led by Xerxes

468 BC


Sophocles writes his first tragedy

461 BC


461-446 BC: The Peloponnesian Wars begins between Sparta and Athens

449 BC


449 -432: Construction of the Parthenon and the Acropolis in Athens

441 BC


Euripides writes his first tragedy

443 BC


443 - 429 BC Pericles leads Athens

430 BC


Outbreak of Bubonic Plague in Athens

431 BC


Second of the Peloponnesian Wars between Sparta and Athens

420 BC


420 - 410: Construction of Temple of Athena Nike

399 BC


Socrates is executed for his opposition to the Thirty Tyrants

386 BC


Plato founds the Academy

384 BC


Aristotle is born

359 BC


Philip II becomes the king of the Greeks

356 BC


Alexander the Great, son of King Philip II, is born

333 BC


Alexander the Great defeats the Persians at Issus and is given Egypt by the Persian Satrap where he builds a capital at Alexandria and founds the great library

323 BC


Alexander the Great dies at Babylon

323 BC


323 -31 BC: The Hellenistic Period

224 BC


Earthquake destroys the Colossus of Rhodes

200 BC


200 - 196 BC: First Roman victory over Greece

197 BC


King Philip V of Greece loses to Roman forces at Kynoskephalai

86 BC


The Roman General Sulla captures Athens

33 AD


Crucifixion of Jesus and the origin of Christianity

267 AD


The Goths sack Athens, Sparta, and Corinth

286 AD


The Roman Emperor Diocletian divides the Roman empire in two forming modern Greece (the Byzantine Empire)

641 AD


The Slavs overrun Greece

Ancient Greece Timeline

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