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Brazil Timeline

Important Brazilian people, dates and events
The first explorers of Brazil
Brazil declares its independence from Portugal
When the Brazilian monarchy was overthrown
Military coup in Brazil led by General Humberto Castello Branco

Brazil Timeline

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22nd April: Pedro Alvares Cabral (1460-1526), Portuguese explorer and master of the Nina in the Columbus expedition of 1492, discovered Brazil and claimed it for Portugal



Spanish conquistador Cabeza de Vaca appointed governor of the Brazilian province of Rio de la Plata



African slaves were transported to Brazil to work sugar plantations



The Dutch conquer Salvador



November 17: The great Brazilian general Henrique Dias won a decisive battle against the Dutch



August 6: Holland sold Brazil to Portugal for 8 million guildas



The Brazilian capital was changed from Salvador to Rio de Janeiro



Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier led the first Brazilian rebellion against Portugal



Jose da Silva Xavier was hung, drawn and quartered by the Portuguese



Overthrow of the King of Spain by Napoleon Bonaparte



September 7: Brazil declares its independence from Portugal



1822-1889 Pedro I ruled Brazil starting the period of the Brazilian monarchy



April 8: Charles Darwin began a trip through Rio de Janeiro



May 13: Slavery was abolished in Brazil and more than 4 million slaves were freed



November 15: Brazilian monarchy was overthrown and a republic was established



October 12:  The 98-foot statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro was unveiled on the top of Corcovado Mountain as a Brazilian monument to one hundred years independence from Portugal



April 2: Military coup in Brazil led by General Humberto Castello Branco
A military dictatorship ruled in Brazil until 1985

Brazil Timeline

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