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Ancient Celts Timeline

Important Ancient Celtic people, dates and events
Treaty between Celtic tribes and Alexander the Great
Rome conquers the Celts
Caratacus leads the British Celts
The mergence of Celtic culture

Ancient Celts Timeline

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Celts had settled in many European countries including Austria, Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Western Germany, Northern Spain, Turkey and Hungary

400 BC


Celtic tribes invade Italy and under the leadership of Brennus sack Rome

335 BC


Treaty between Celtic tribes and Alexander the Great

323 BC


Death of Alexander - Celtic tribes invade Greece

280 BC


Celtic tribes sack many Greek cities

275 BC


Celtic tribes establish the state of Galatia in Turkey

280 BC


Celtic tribes sack many Greek cities

230 BC


Celtic tribes defeated in battle by Greek troops in Turkey

224 BC


The Romans had begun to extend their empire into Gallia ( Gaul) the region of Europe occupied by Celtic tribes

224 BC


224 - 220 BC - Rome conquers the Celts

191 BC


Gaul is taken by the Romans

58-51 BC


Julius Caesar leads the Romans in the Gallic Wars. In 55BC he invades Britain



Birth of Jesus Christ

33 AD


Crucifixion of Jesus in the Roman province of Jerusalem and starts the spread of Christianity



Caratacus leads the British celts



Emperor Claudius subdues the Celts in Britain



Vercingetorix the leader of the Celtic Tribes is paraded through Rome and executed



Boudicca leads a failed rebellion against Rome. The Celtic culture starts to become assimilated with Roman culture



The Roman Empire collapses and in the Dark and Middle Ages various different cultures merge in the lands of the Celts and the history of each country changed accordingly.

Ancient Celts Timeline

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