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Ancient Egyptian Timeline

Important people, dates and events in ancient Egypt.

King Narmer founds the 1st Dynasty.

The Age of the Pyramids.

The Egyptian Empire.

The Amarna Period.

Ancient Egyptian Timeline

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3100 BC


The Egyptian civilization began when King Narmer founded the first Egyptian dynasty
3100-2950: The First and second dynasties ruled Egypt and began using hieroglyphics. Hor-Aha, is considered to be the first king of the first Dynasty
Memphis, in Lower Egypt, was established as the capital of Egypt

2950 BC


2950-2575: The first Egyptian pyramid is built - the Step Pyramid at Saqqara for King Zoser (aka Djoser) who was one of the kings of the 3rd Dynasty

2575 BC


2575 -2150 BC: The Old Kingdom (the 4th-8th Dynasties) - The Great Pyramids of Egypt were built at Dahshur and Giza and revered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. King Unas (the last ruler of the 5th Dynasty) had the burial chamber in his pyramid inscribed with spells for the afterlife. These are referred to as the Pyramid Texts.

2125 BC


2125-1975 BC: The 9th-11th Egyptian Dynasties the 1st Intermediate Period. During this time Egypt saw a breakdown of central government

1975 BC


1975-1640 BC The 11th-14th Egyptian Dynasties the Middle Kingdom - Amenemhet is the most notable pharaoh who overthrew Mentuhotep III

1630 BC


1630 -1520 BC The 15th-17th Egyptian Dynasties the 2nd Intermediate Period
Hyksos raiders from Asia and moved into the Delta and introduced the Egyptians to the chariot
Ahmose eventually expelled the Hyksos from Egypt

1400  BC


1400s: King Thutmose III and Ancient Egypt reached the height of its power when military expeditions brought the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea under Egyptian rule

1539 BC


1539 -1075 BC:  The 18th-20th Egyptian Dynasties New Kingdom and the building of the tombs of the Valley of Kings. The great Pharoahs included Hatshepsut (the famous female Pharoah), Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, Tuthmosis and Ramesses II.
King Akhenaten established a new religious order worshipping the sun god Aten.
During this time the Egyptians developed a permanent army
Ramesses XI was the last of the rulers of the New Kingdom.

1075 BC


1075-715 The 21st-25th Egyptian Dynasties the 3rd Intermediate Period - the Nubians conquer Egypt (late 8th century)

715 BC


715-332 The 20th-30th Egyptian Dynasties the Late Period and the Persians conquer Egypt in 525BC lead by the Persian king Cambyses II

332 BC


Alexander the Great conquers Egypt. Alexander the Great occupies Egypt and his general, Ptolemy, becomes king and founds a dynasty. Greek culture was spread throughout Egypt during this dynasty. The city of Alexandria was founded and became famous for the Great Library and the great Lighthouse of Alexandria which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

196 BC


The Rosetta Stone is carved

51 BC


51-30 BC - Cleopatra VII reigns and became the mistress of Julius Caesar and gave birth to his son, Octavian.

37 BC


37 BC Queen Cleopatra VII of the Ptolemies marries Mark Antony

31 BC


31 BC Octavian defeated Antony and Cleopatra in the sea Battle of Actium . Both Antony and Cleopatra committed suicide

30 BC


30 BC Egypt becomes a province of the Roman Empire

384 AD


Theodosius ordered the adherence to Christianity

395 AD


The Roman empire split into West and East and Egypt became part of the Byzantine Empire

642 AD


642 AD The Arabs captured Alexandria and Egypt became an important part of the Islamic Empire



868 - 969 The Tulunid and the Ikhshidid dynasty rule Egypt



Fatimid rulers seized Egypt and founded the Egyptian city Al-Qahirah (modern day Cairo)

Ancient Egyptian Timeline

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