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Iran History Timeline

Important people, dates and events in Iran
The Achaemenian Dynasty & the Great Persian Empire
The Prophet Mohammad and the Koran
The Arab Caliphate
The Islamic Revolution

Iran History Timeline

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559 BC


559 - 332BC The Achaemenian Dynasty & the Great Persian Empire which was the dominant world power for over two centuries



Cyrus the Great established the First World Empire



Persia conquers Egypt

332 BC


Alexander the Great conquers Egypt and Persia

323 BC


323-141 BC - The Seleucid Dynasty was established by one of generals of Alexander the Great

247 BC


247 BC-224 AD
The Parthians conquered the Seleucids

224 AD


224 - 642 The Sasanian Dynasty



The Prophet Mohammad was born



The Prophet Mohammad died and his teachings were compiled into the Koran, the name of the holy book of Islam



642 - 1220 The Arab Caliphate



Mongol Era when Persia conquered by Gangis Khan



The explorer Marco Polo journeyed through Persia en route to China



Ghazan Khan becomes the first Mongol leader to convert to Islam



1501-1524 - Safavid Dynasty founded by Shah Ismail I who united all of Persia under Iranian leadership



Qajar Dynasty



1851-1906 - The Qajars lost central Asian provinces to the Russians and were forced to give up all claims on Afghanistan to Great Britain



1925-1940 - Pahlavi Dynasty



The Shah was overthrown by the Islamic Revolution ending 2,500 years of monarchy



July 29: The Islamic Revolution

Iran History Timeline

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