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Nigeria Timeline

Important people, dates and events in Nigeria
Europeans established ports for slave trafficking
Nigeria became a British protectorate
Nigeria granted full independence
Coups and uprisings

Nigeria Timeline

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700 AD


Arabian and Persians trade with ivory, rhino horn, gold, shells and slaves. Arab traders settle and bring a Muslim influence to the culture
The Yoruba kingdoms of Ifẹ were founded about 700-900



The Yoruba kingdoms of Ọyọ were founded about 1400.



Portuguese navigators reach Nigerian coast



Europeans established ports for slave trafficking. Millions of Nigerians are forcibly sent to the Americas.



Nigeria comes under the loose control of an Islamic empire
European slave traders establish coastal ports for the increasing traffic in slaves destined for the Americas. The slaves were emancipated in the 1830's



Nigeria became a British protectorate



Nigeria became a British colony
1914 - 1918
World War I



1939 - 1945 1939-1945 World War 2



August 1945 The United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki



Nigeria was granted full independence



A series of Coups have resulted in turbulent and violent recent years in Nigerian history.

Nigeria Timeline

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