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Turkey Historical Timeline

Important Turkish people, dates and events
The Hittites and the Trojan War fought between Troy (in Turkey) and Achaea (Greece)
King Midas and King Croesus
Golden Age of the Ottoman Empire and the sultans
The World Wars

Turkey Historical Timeline

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1900 BC


1900-1300 BC The Hittite Empire

1250 BC


The Trojan War fought between the armies of Troy (in Turkey) and Achaea (Greece)



1200-600 BC Phrygian kingdom of Mithridates. King Midas and King Croesus are notable monarchs

547 BC


Cyrus of Persia invades and conquers most of Anatolia (Turkey)

334 BC


Alexander the Great of Macedon marches through Anatolia on his way to India

129 BC


Anatolia becomes the Roman Province of Asia ('Asia Minor')

330 AD


Emperor Constantine the Great dedicates Constantinople as the 'New Rome



527-565 Reign of Byzantine emperor Justinian



1000s-1200s - Crusader armies cross Anatolia



Foundation of the Ottoman Empire by the warrior Osman which eventually rules North Africa, most of Eastern Europe and all of the Middle East



Conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) by Sultan Mehmet II 'the Conqueror'



1520-1566 Golden Age of the Ottoman Empire with the reign of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent



1683-1697 Austro-Ottoman war in which the Ottoman side was defeated signifying the decline of the Ottoman Empire



1682-1725 Peter the Great initiates Russo-Turkish rivalry



Crimean war - Tsar Nicholas I of Russia moved troops into Rumania, then part of the Ottoman Turkish empire. His fleet then destroyed a Turkish flotilla off Sinope in the Black Sea. The Russians were defeated by the British and French with the Ottomans



Abdul Hamid, the last of the Ottoman sultans is deposed



1914-1918 Turkey allies with Germany in the World War 1



1939-1945 Turkey remains neutral during World War 2

Turkey Historical Timeline

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