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Venezuela Timeline

Venezuela Timeline
Important people, dates and events in Venezuela
The Spanish conquistadors
Venezuela declares its independence from Spain and Simon Bolivar
Guzman Blanco rules Venezuela bringing the civil wars to an end
The Venezuelan democracy

Venezuela Timeline

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The diverse civilizations of ancient Mesoamerica included the Olmecs, Toltecs, Aztecs, Incas and Mayans.



Christopher Columbus landed in Venezuela



The Spanish conquistadors start to colonize the area of Venezuela



1528-1546 The King of Spain ( Charles I ) leased Venezuela to a German banking group to pay off his debts



African slaves were shipped to Venezuela to work on various plantations



Spain combined Venezuela with neighbouring territories into one large colony called the Viceroyalty of New Granada
The Viceroyalty of New Granada consisted of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama
Venezuelan General Francisco Gabriel de Miranda (1750-1816) participated in major political events for over three decades



The king of Spain overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte
The territories of the Viceroyalty of New Granada set up their own independent governments



5 July: Venezuela declares its independence from Spain



Simon Bolivar and other revolutionary leaders fled abroad



Spain sends troops to South America to quell the uprising of the colonists



General Simon Bolivar defeats royalist forces in the Battle of Boyaca on August 7
Republic of Colombia (also known as Gran Colombia) is proclaimed on December 17, consisting of Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador



Spain recognizes Venezuela's independence after Simon Bolivar wins a major victory against Spanish troops at Carabobo
Simon Bolivar established Gran Colombia and becomes the first president



Ecuador and Venezuela leave Gran Colombia to became totally independent



General Jose Antonio Paez becomes the first president of Venezuela



Venezuela torn by civil war



1870-1888 Guzman Blanco rules Venezuela bringing the civil wars to an end



1908-1935 Gomez rules Venezuela with strong military backing



Marcos Perez Jimenez becomes dictator



Jimenez was forced into exile leading to the Venezuelan democracy



Venezuela adopted its current constitution

Venezuela Timeline

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