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Timeline Examples

Timelines provide fast facts and information about famous events in history. What exactly are timelines? What are the purpose of timelines?

By looking at the Timeline examples provided throughout this website a fast 'picture' of people and events can be seen at a glance. Click the following link for over 50 examples of timelines.

Definition of Timelines
The definition for timelines is as follows:

  • A timeline is the presentation of a chronological sequence of related events along a drawn line that enables the reader to quickly understand relationships relating to, or limited by, time.
  • The line is usually drawn from left to right, or top to bottom

Timeline Examples - Timeline Templates
First create a timeline template. Instructions to create a Timeline template:

  • Establish total Time span - What is the start date? What is the end date? Establish the length of time required

  • Determine the style required i.e. horizontal or vertical timeline
  • Enter significant dates on the timeline
  • Provide facts and information of people or events which occurred on the specified date
  • The dates must be entered sequentially although it is often reasonable to have long gaps between dates e.g. a timeline date can start at say 1950 and then jump to the next important period which might be 1965
  • Text should be clear and concise
  • Facts and information relating to dates should be easily located
  • A Timeline should provide facts and information at a glance.

Timeline Examples



Date of Birth: Born on December 30 Eldrick T. Woods
Place of Birth : Southern California
Parents: Father - Earl Woods
               Mother - Kultida



First TV appearance on the Mike Douglas Show where he played golf with Bob Hope



Graduated from Western High School, California
Attended Stanford University



August: Drops out of  Stanford University to become a Golf Professional in August.
PGA Tour
Voted Sportsman of the Year

Timeline Examples
History Timelines provide fast facts and information about famous events in history, such as those detailed in the Time line Examples. Major historical events or the lives of people can be easily arranged using the format shown in the Time line Examples. The Timeline examples illustrate how major events can be detailed by chronological, or date order, thus providing an actual sequence of past events. All historical events and the key dates during the lives of famous or important people can be illustrated easily using the format used in the Timeline Examples. Using this presentation method provides fast information via the time line which highlights the key dates and major historical significance in a fast information format. Specific information can be seen at a glance with concise and accurate details in text format. The chronologies of famous people, places and events can be easily and accurately detailed in the format used in our Time line Examples.

Timeline Examples

  • Interesting Information via the format used in Timeline Examples
  • History and Chronology at a glance, for children and kids
  • Chronology of Key Names, Key Dates, Key People and Key Events in the Time line Examples
  • Interesting chronologies of facts & information
  • Key dates, facts and info
  • Fast and accurate details using formats shown in the timeline examples
  • Famous people, famous places and countries and famous events detailed via comprehensive Timeline Examplesn
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